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Individualized and Multi-Modal Education Plans for Intermediates



"Christian was a wonderful tutor for our son and his training and experience as a teacher is invaluable. Christian was so responsive to our sons needs, challenges and strengths, developed great rapport and relationship with him, had a wonderful and effective teaching style, and communicated with us so clearly and consistently about how things were going. I could not recommend him more highly as a tutor!"

Google Reviews


"I am thoroughly impressed with Christian's professionalism and teaching skills. My son and his friend, have benefited greatly from his classes. Mr. Christian's incorporation of new vocabulary has notably enhanced my son's language skills. Thank you for providing an enriching educational experience!"


"Christian is a teacher who skillfully combines his passion and knowledge to cultivate an encouraging atmosphere for learning. Through his interactive teaching methods, he captivates students' interest and encourages a love for literature and language. By customizing lessons to meet individual needs, Christian not only teaches vital skills but also fosters a profound appreciation for the intricacies of the English language."

Young Leaders

 July 2024

Over this 1-week, 10 hour course, kids will significantly improve their communication and leadership skills, by:

- Quantifiable Vocabulary Improvement

- Critical Thinking and Debating

- Podcasting and Interviewing

- Verbal Paragraphing 

- Small-Group Speaking

....and much more!


Grade Level and Subjects

I focus my educational practice on kids within the Grade 4-9 range. 

I typically curate unique education plans (in line with the BC Curriculum) that are fitted to your child's learning needs. However, I also provide traditional tutoring services. 

If your child is outside of my typical grade range, please still feel free to contact me. 


Tutoring Prices

One-to-One: $60/hour

2 Students: $85/hour

3 Students: $100/hour

4 Students: $110/hour

Please note: I no longer tutor students on online platforms. All tutoring sessions are conducted in person.

*Regarding Appt Cancellation:

Same-Day Cancellation Policy

If an appointment is cancelled the day it is scheduled to take place, it will still be charged. 

If appointment is cancelled the day before, there is no charge. 

Other Services

Outside of individual and small group teaching, I also offer summer leadership and communication courses for kids going into Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8!

Please contact me for information on the 2024 summer intake. 


My name is Christian and I'm a certified BC teacher. I completed my Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and my Bachelor of Arts in History (BA) at the University of British Columbia. Additionally, I am currently working to complete my Master's in Educational Technology (MET) at UBC. 

I live in Kitsilano with my wife, Jessica, and my son, Leo. On the weekends you can find us trying out new coffee shops, taking Leo into nature, or doing spontaneous Okanagan trips! I am personally a huge fitness lover and try to fit a calisthenics workout in before Leo wakes up in the morning. In an earlier life, I owned a holistic nutrition business that revolved around helping people learn about and obtain optimal health strategies.


I'm determined to use my passion for education and communication to help kids feel confident and accomplished in their learning!



In my practice I employ several methods that are designed to cultivate a more complete understanding of the subject matter that your child is learning about.


Socratic Method

Dialogue-centered learning that involves questioning the child about the material or topics that they're engaging with to provoke deeper thinking and consolidation around the subject. 

Conversational Learning

Kids benefit from talking things through.

This has become clear in my teaching practice. 

Therefore, all learning is thoroughly discussed. Once kids learn material in our sessions, they are expected to spend time teaching it back to me. Learning is reinforced when it's taught. I test kids' understanding by gauging how they interact with and project the material back to me. 

Multi-Modal Learning

I use a multi-faceted approach in my teaching practice. Outside of conversation, we will use a variety of other activities that will reinforce learning.


These include, but are not limited to, writing activities, critical reading practices, book writing projects, podcast creation, debates, educational technology and presentations. 

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